Welcome to the blog

This blog will be about diving into my opinions with facts about notorious criminals. The crimes they’ve committed and their reasoning behind these actions. I do admire or rather appreciate hard work and one does not rise to be a criminal mastermind or elude capture without being smart and calculating. This is what the blog is about, criminals that were skillful in their craft as well as they were twisted. From drug lords to serial killers, hitmen, the mafia,  historical figures and downright corrupt officials.

As a lover of all things bizarre to some extent there will be several posts about other things all related to the criminal world and the insanity of humanity as well. I guess the readers want to know a little about the writer, well call me Miss curiosity and I write this blog so what more do you need to know. Maybe if I gain a few followers they can ask questions and I could answer them.

Until next time, Stay shady


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